A mythological aspect to the birth of Kerala!

Mythological aspects to the history of every place give it an interesting and extremely fascinating twist. The history of the State of Kerala, in South India dates back to several millennia and has rich mythological chronicles to tell. Ancient stone carvings found in Edakkal Caves in Kerala suggest a prehistoric civilization believed to be dating back to 5000 BC from the Neolithic Man. Mythological versions suggest many different stories about the origin of God’s Own Country.

There are numerous geographical and cultural myths about Kerala’s birth. One such myth is the revival of the land of Kerala from the mighty sea. Parshurama, the famous warrior sage who was in fact believed to be one of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu, was said to throw his axe into the water and the impact of the action brought up the submerged land and thus the State of Kerala came into being. Lord Vishnu is believed to take the form of a warrior sage in order to vanquish arrogant, evil kings and banish all cruelty from the Earth. There are some tales that boast of the great warrior sage spending a lot of his life in this region and hence Kerala is also known as ‘Parshurama Kshetram’, meaning the Land of Parshurama. Some of the earliest Sanskrit texts also mention Kerala, especially in the two great epics, Mahabharata and Ramayana as an important lieu during some important events.

The birth of Kerala’s favourite festival, Onam, is also surrounded by age-old traditions. The festival is associated with the mighty and legendary demon king Mahabali who was believed to rule all of Earth and other planets from Kerala. His kingdom boasted of prosperity, immense wealth and happiness. However, his kingdoms were taken away from him by Lord Vishnu and he was granted rule over a planet in the Netherworld, or hell. The people of Kerala celebrate Onam as a day when their beloved king Mahabali is said to visit Kerala and bless the people with prosperity and happiness.

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