Kerala and Food Tourism!

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Tourism today is more than just travelling to a place, sight-seeing and going back. People now look forward to learning a new culture, absorbing the ways of living, dressing, language, defense and so on of the destinations they pay a visit to. One such aspect of tourism that has taken a stronghold is food tourism. Cuisine is rapidly becoming a vital aspect in the progress of tourism. With the advent of various cookery shows and the simple fact that we all have a stomach that is extremely food-loving, one can’t help but be on the lookout for newer, tastier delicacies to add to one’s plate.

In God’s own country, Kerala, tourists look eagerly towards magnifying their travel experience through learning about the native culinary techniques. Nimmy Paul, a housewife turned cookery instructor since more than a decade now, has catered to a number of enthusiastic food-loving people from several nationalities. “When I started catering to tourists, I was not only a teacher showing my guests how a dish was born, but I was also a hostess”, she says. In Kerala, the dining tables are usually decked with a wide variety of dishes, each dish the aftermath of accurate planning. When the main aim is to teach a novel culinary technique to people who might be hearing of it for the first time, it is important to focus on the quality and not the quantity. So as to capture the essence of the food, experience the joy of having discovered a new delicacy, let it stay and take it home to let it spread. The flavours usually remain intact in Western cuisines since food is usually served course wise. Here, the technique to keep alive the play of flavours is achieved through an appropriate balance and blend of spices.

One also has to keep in mind certain factors like health consciousness and unfamiliarity while teaching culinary enthusiasts from abroad. Adding elements from their culture and successfully fusing them with ours instantly makes the outcome relatable and exciting. Paul has adopted other foods and made them our own. Like pies with desi flavoured fillings of chicken or fish; or a ginger cake for dessert. This doesn’t have to adulterate our originality in any way though, since there is a difference between adaptation and imitation and as long as we aren’t losing our pride, experimentation will always be encouraged and accepted.

Apart from simply the cooking techniques, aesthetics also plays a major role and is, without a doubt, an art on its own. The ability of making food look scrumptious and mouthwatering successfully turns it from something edible to an edible work of art. What makes the teaching even more delightful are the eager, excited learners that are so keen to know all about your food. It definitely makes the whole experience feel like a personal triumph, for the teacher. Paul looks avidly towards the promising future for food tourism. India has always been the ultimate destination, be it Yoga or Ayurveda. When it comes to food too, one cannot help but feel proud of a place so enriching with an alluring mélange of cultures that make their presence known with just one single morsel of an appam.

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