Kerala’s magical Coconut Hair Oil

Waking up with dry, frizzy hair is no big surprise for me. I’d tried every trick in the book to make my hair a little presentable, but to no avail. I was fed up. To add to my misery, I was on a holiday in Kerala with my friends and had no intention to create lifelong memories looking like I wore a dirty broom on my head. Exasperated, I dragged myself out of bed, called my sister and told her to go on with the others to the pool for our morning swimming and sunbathing session without me. I got dressed and walked to the reception instead, where I hoped I could get some much-needed advice on how to manage my wild curls from the women here- they all had such shiny, thick locks!

On my way there, the pretty girl from the housekeeping staff happened to see me, complete with my wild hair and my angry face. “Is there anything I can help you with? Is there anything wrong with the room?” she nervously asked me. “Good God, no. I’m just not used to humidity and my hair has taken it the hardest. What do I do? I’ve tried shampoo, conditioners, serums, everything.” “Don’t you oil your hair?” “Oil them? What do you mean?” That was the ultimate question. The girl laughed and dragged me to the Ayurveda centre that the hotel prided itself on. As I sat in front of a mirror, she got out a bottle of coconut oil and poured a good deal of it on my head before I could protest!

As she massaged my head, (this was one of their specialities, a head massage.) she talked about some stuff that I hadn’t even heard about. From what she told me, coconut hair oil was widely used not only in Kerala, but also throughout India by women to maintain their hair. It is known to have anti-bacterial properties and anti-fungal properties that help keeping hair safe and healthy. Coconut hair oil is used for all sorts of hair treatments- from softening, to smoothing, for repairing any sort of damaged hair and of course, for hair to shine. Not only is it good for the hair, but coconut hair oil is also proven to be an excellent moisturiser for dry skin. Specialists recommend a massage with hot coconut oil for best results, at least an hour before washing the hair.

After my massage was over, I rushed back to my room, and washed my hair an hour later. The results were incredible. My hair was soft, smooth and shiny. Although they wouldn’t transform with just one massage, it was a start, anyway. Before leaving Kerala I made sure to buy several bottles of hair oil which I could take back home. And needless to say, my hair is amazing now!

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