A peek into the Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala!

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For those who are wildlife and nature enthusiasts or those who are just plain curious, Kerala has a lot to offer. The Periyar Tiger reserve in Thekkady, Periyar is one of the twenty seven tiger reserves in India and is home to a diversity of flora and fauna and is also the home to the national animal of India.  Whilst it is one of the first tiger reserves in the country, today the park’s tiger population is almost negligible and its better known for its other wildlife, notably the Elephants.

Sprawled over an area of 925 square kilometres (roughly 574 miles), the Periyar Tiger Reserve offers a chance for many a tourist to view and observe the tiger in his natural habitat. It is also the largest and most well protected forest in the entire state of Kerala. A medley of tropical evergreen forests and semi evergreen forests, the Periyar Tiger Reserve is an ideal habitat for an assortment of endangered birds as well as animals, as also innumerable types of plants and flowers. The pleasant climate in Periyar provides an impeccable environment for both the flora and the fauna of the forest.

According to research findings, there are about 1966 species of flowering plants in the Periyar Tiger Reserve. These include 171 species of grass, 145 orchid species, and 10 species of palms, amongst others. For those who are more inclined towards botany, the Habenaris periyarensis (from the orchid family), the Macuna Pruriens Thekkadiensis and Syzygium Periyarensis are found only in the Periyar Tiger Reserve.

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The assorted habitat of the reserve is home to a number of terrestrial, aquatic and arboreal animals. The expansive forest supports the habitat of sixty four categories of mammals such as the tiger, leopard, the Asian elephant, sloth bears and wild dogs to name a few. The endangered Great Hornbill is also spotted quite frequently in the Periyar Tiger Reserve apart from other birds such as the blue winged parakeet and the laughing thrush.  In addition to this, the forest is an excellent environment for a variety of amphibians, fish and butterflies.

Elephants at the Periyar reserve- Kerala Travel Centre

Tourists and enthusiasts who wish to explore the wilds of Periyar get a chance to do so by means of boating in the lake and trekking in the forest. Besides trekking and boating, there are several other options to discover the beauty of the great outdoors, such as a jeep safari, bamboo rafting and a ride in a bullock cart. Undoubtedly, these experiences remain with the visitors for a lifetime.

Some of the best places to stay in Periyar are Spice Village, Aanavilasam Luxury Plantation House, Lake Palace and Cardamom Country to name a few. These hotels are located in the most picturesque areas of Periyar and are very close to the Periyar Tiger Reserve. There are several activities planned by the hotels themselves including jeep safaris and nature walks. The tourists are accompanied by the hotels’ very own botanists and environmentalists who are extremely well informed about the forest and its flora and fauna.

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