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Breakfast menus can vary from region to region across the planet, depending on the fruit, vegetables, spices and other resources available in that particular area.  Given that Kerala is the land of spices and produces some really exotic fruits and vegetables, - a Keralan breakfast, not surprisingly, is a sumptuous gastronomic affair.

Kerala Breakfast- Kerala Travel Centre

Kerala cuisine is an interesting melange of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes prepared using various herbs and spices grown in Kerala itself. Breakfast in Kerala mainly is vegetarian, with numerous delicacies that are more than often not very renowned outside the State itself, making every dish on the menu very exclusive. Puttu is a popular breakfast delicacy in Kerala, which comprises of hot, steamed cylindrical shaped items made out of ground rice, layered with coconut.  In some parts of Kerala, people eat Puttu accompanied by rich, aromatic black coffee. Another popular item on the breakfast menu of God’s Own Country is the extremely famous idli. An idli is basically a fluffy rice pancake served with sambar, which is nothing but hot curry made using lentils, spices and vegetables. Other breakfast items include dosa, Idiyappam and appam, all of which are made from fermented rice flour and are accompanied by sambar and chutney. Idiyappam is generally prepared with a little amount of toddy or wine and is served with lamb, chicken or vegetable stew.

Breakfast is never complete without some hot beverage early in the morning and breakfast in Kerala always includes tea or coffee or at times, both. Tea and coffee are both grown on a large scale in the State and are important and significant parts of the first meal of the day. Tea is available in many different types, such as masala tea, ginger tea, herbal tea, cardamom tea to name a few and are all much loved by the locals and tourists alike.

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