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Rick Stein’s India - Exclusive Cuisine Tour from Kerala Travel Centre

As part of a series on BBC, award winning chef Rick Stein recently embarked on a journey through South India to discover the secret of the  perfect Indian curry and to trace the origins of Indian dishes and spices that are popular the world over. Stein’s journey in South India started in the ancient temple town of Madurai where he was captivated by the traditional cooking in the temples. His travels then took him into breathtaking Kerala where he discovered spice plantations, tea clad hills, serene backwaters and the charming Port Town of Cochin. On this gastronomical sojourn, Stein ventured into cardamom and pepper plantations, discovered the many diverse styles of cooking in Kerala and also  experienced the real taste of Kerala in the local eating places that offer mouth watering  traditional delicacies.

Kerala Travel Centre has introduced an exclusive cusine tour that traces the footsteps of Rick Stein, giving travellers the opportunity to re-create and discover the same magic that captivated the celebrated chef.

Travellers will be able to stay in the ancient temple town of Madurai  where besides visiting the many temples, they will get a taste of traditional temple cooking.

Stein’s program showcased the importance of temple food for devotees and how this is meticulously prepared every day by the temple’s chefs. This tour will give travellers the first hand opportunity to witness the temple chefs preparing ’sambar’ curry and other traditional snacks like the ‘vada’ and the sweet ‘payasam’.

The tour includes stay in the western Ghats of Thekkady where travellers will visit various spice plantations and also enjoy jungle treks in the Periyar reserve. A spice plantation tour will shocase how spices like cinnamon, cardamom, pepper and nutmeg are grown, harvested and processed before they reach the supermarkets.

While staying in one of the most exotic backwater resorts, travellers will be able to indulge in cookery lessons where they can hone thier cooking skills and learn many Keralan  fish and other seafood dishes. An overnight cruise on a private houseboat along the sensuous backwaters of Kerala is also part of the tour where one can sample the delicious ‘karimeen’ or pearlspot fish.

In the Port Town of Cochin travellers will be able to visit the famous spice markets of Kerala and also visit some amazing local eateries. This includes the ‘Pai Thattukada’, named after the Pai brothers who popularized the concept of ‘thattus’ or small shops that offer cheaper and quicker alternative to restaurant food. Some of the ‘Thattus’ serve over 70 varieties of ‘Dosas’ or rice pancakes and your trip to Kerala cannot be complete without sampling the dosas here.

While in Cochin, the tour also offers the opportunity to spend time at the home of Nimmy & Paul who belong to the traditional Syrian Christian community in Kerala. Nimmy has been a professional cookery instructor for more than 20 years and in keeping with family traditions, is very passionate about serving great Kerala food today which will offer you an opportunity to participate in and learn how traditional spices are used in the typical Travancore vegetarian food.

As travellers unravel the many culinary marvels of Kerala, they will also discover  the region’s many delightful highlights. What makes this tour even more exciting is the choice of accommodation as the tour uses some of the finest and most authentic resorts in Kerala which offer you the best of comfort in  fascinating settings.

Click here to view details of this tour. For more information on this exclusive tour speak to one of Kerala Travel Centre’s experts on freephone 0808 178 9799.

“Kerala is the most investor-friendly State in India”- Economic Post

Investor Friendly Kerala

According to the Economic Times Kerala is rapidly turning into one of the most investor-friendly states in India. Tucked away into the south-western part of the country, Kerala is rightly known as God’s own country, with its commanding hills, lush green valleys, beautiful weather and golden beaches. Due to these reasons Kerala has been successful in rapidly attracting economic investment from investors not just from the country but also from all over the world.

Promising projects such as the Metro Rail Project, Monorail Project and the High Speed Rail Corridor along with various other opportunities in the Tourism, Healthcare, Bio-technology and Information-technology are successful in attracting prospective investors. Kerala is also known as the Spice Capital of India, and has the highest literacy rate in the country. All these factors provide optimistic investors with a confidence for investing in some or the other project in God’s own Country.

To know more about Kerala, click here. For more information about tours to Kerala planned by Kerala Travel Centre, click here. Visit or call on Freephone 0808 178 9799 to plan your tour to Kerala today!

Yoga in Kerala - The best way to ensure harmony of body and mind.

Yoga in Kerala - Kerala Travel Centre

There are many, many people all over the world who say they understand and practice the art of Yoga. Many attend Yoga classes for exercise, to attain a higher level of spirituality or to simply feel at peace. Regular Yoga is said to ensure perfect harmony of the human body and mind. Yoga is an ancient science believed to have been originated in India and is traditionally one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy. Different customs of Yoga are found in various religions, namely Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism.

Yoga is said to have a number of advantages. Regular practitioners of Yoga have reportedly observed that continual and regular practice of the science leads to reduction of high blood pressure, reduced risk of diseases related to the heart, improvement of mood and energy level and better functioning of the body. Yoga also has also been found to be very beneficial in cases of chronic back pain, depression, insomnia and anxiety. Some research also claims that Yoga can be used as a complementary treatment for cancer patients. The practice of Yoga has a lot of psychological benefits also, leading the practitioners to have control over their own mind and body. Instead of focusing on any flaws of the body Yoga encourages the practitioner to enhance his healthy mind through the different forms and techniques of Yoga.

Several experts study Yoga along with its history, traditions and techniques for long periods of time before they start sharing their knowledge with those who don’t know. These experts organise workshops, hold regular yoga classes, and even start their own Yoga centres or ashrams. In Kerala, south India, there are several Yoga centres where experts hold Yoga workshops or classes for a certain period of time. These centres attract visitors from all over the world, who come to Kerala to learn and practice Yoga. These visitors may or may not stay at the ashram itself. There are many hotels and resorts in Kerala that have an in-house Yoga expert who holds classes for the guests every morning.

You can too visit these ashrams and Yoga centres while you are vacationing in Kerala. Click here to know more about tours organised by Kerala Travel Centre. To read more about Kerala Travel Centre, click here. Read more about Kerala experiences in our blogs section. To organise your special tour, visit or dial Freephone 0808 178 9799 today!

Kerala celebrates Bakri Eid

Bakri id - Kerala Travel Centre

Eid-Al-Adha, better known as the Festival of Sacrifice and more commonly known as Bakri Eid, is an important religious holiday celebrated by Muslims all over the world. On this day, Muslims applaud and respect the willingness of the Prophet Ibrahim to sacrifice his young son as an act of submission to God’s orders. His young son’s acceptance to being sacrificed is much respected as well. It is said that impressed by Ibrahim’s devotion and his young son’s acceptance, God intervened at the last moment and offered Ibrahim a ram for the sacrifice instead.

According to Islam, this story took place approximately four thousand years ago. God decided to test the faiths of Ibrahim and his young son, who was then, just thirteen years old. Ibrahim started having a recurring dream, in which God commanded Ibrahim to sacrifice his son. Ibrahim was shocked, and the act was unimaginable. However, he had immense faith in God and decided to fulfil God’s command although he knew that he could not sacrifice his young son without his consent. Ibrahim narrated the entire matter to his son and his young son showed not a moment of hesitation or reluctance and agreed to be sacrificed immediately. For Ibrahim, his beloved son had passed all the tests of faith and belief in God and his commands. Ibrahim could not stand to watch himself sacrificing his own son, and so he covered his own eyes with a blindfold before committing the act. After the sacrifice was over, a deeply saddened Ibrahim uncovered his eyes, and the sight that met his eyes stunned him. His son was unharmed and alive, and there was a dead ram in his place instead. Ibrahim and his son had both passed God’s test of faith and had been rewarded by God sparing the young boy’s life. Ibrahim had proved that his love and respect for God surpassed everything else- he would do anything to obey God’s command, even if it meant sacrificing the lives of those near and dear to him. Muslims all over the world remember and honour this ultimate act of sacrifice by Ibrahim during Bakri Eid every year.

On this day, men, women and children are supposed to dress up in their best clothes and take part in the Eid prayers. Many Muslims sacrifice the best of their domestic animals on Bakri Eid as a sign of Ibrahims willingness to sacrifice his young son. It is also essential that the sacrificial animals meet certain age and quality standards, or the sacrifice is considered unacceptable. The meat from the sacrificed animal is divided into three categories- one part is given to relatives, one is kept by the family and the third part is distributed amongst the poor and the needy. The frequent charitable practices of the Muslims are more apparent during the festival of Bakri Eid when strong efforts are made by the Muslims to make sure that no poor and needy person goes hungry during this time. In some countries, families that do not own domestic animals can contribute to a charity that provides meat to those in need.

In Kerala, Muslims all over the state celebrated Bakri Eid on the 26th of October, 2012 with prayers and noble acts of charity, honouring the faith and willingness of Prophet Ibrahim. The faithful gathered in large numbers at mosques where Imams and religious scholars gave out the important message of universal love, brotherhood and total dedication to God. The believers hugged each other after the prayers, to strengthen love, harmony and brotherhood. Families cooked delectable feasts at home which saw the domination of items from the traditional Kerala cuisine with an Arabic touch, which showcased the ancient relationship between Kerala and the Arab world.

Click here to know more about Kerala and tours organised to Kerala by Kerala Travel Centre. Visit or simply call on Freephone 0808 178 9799 to talk to one of our Kerala experts who will plan your tour to Kerala, just the way you want it!

The healing touch of Ayurveda!

Kerala Ayurveda- Kerala Travel Centre

Ayurveda, translated in Sanskrit as “The knowledge for a long life” is the ancient traditional Hindu system of medicine. Over centuries, medical practitioners have been relying on the science of Ayurveda for treating various ailments as well as for alternative medicine. Ayurveda is very popularly now used in massages and other alternative bodily treatments and stresses strongly on the use of plant or nature based medicines.

According to the philosophy of Ayurveda, the human body needs a perfect balance of three basic factors- vata’, which is the combination of air and space and which controls all the movements of the body, ‘pitha’, which is the element of fire and controls transformation, metabolism and the enzyme activity of the body, and ‘kapha’, which is the combination of the earth and water and is responsible for the stability and growth of the body. If these factors are not in perfect harmony, then the body is more prone to diseases and various ailments.

Kerala is famous for its Ayurvedic massages which are known to bring about harmony of the body and the mind of a person.  Spice Village in Thekkady, Periyar, offers one of the best Green Leaf certified Ayurvedic treatment centres in all of Kerala. Known for its picturesque environment, Spice Villages offers massages in extremely hygienic and beautiful rooms which are complete with the aroma of fresh spices and herbs. Ample natural lighting promises an exotic effect to the massage. The masseurs and masseuses at Spice Village are well qualified, soft spoken, and very friendly and are always ready to talk.

A host of different oils and herbal medicines are available at the Spice Village. These are prepared in the Hotel’s very own private pharmacy, using herbs grown in the same premises which guarantee the perfect quality of the medicines and herbs.  Spice Village offers an assortment of Ayurvedic massages and therapies as suited to the client’s special needs. Some of their most celebrated massages consist of the Uzhichil, which is a general body massage. Recommended for the over-all fitness of the body, the Uzhichil aids in boosting blood circulation, the relaxation of stiff joints and also, stimulates the nervous system. Another noted massage is the Sirodhara, which is an extraordinary and special treatment for the relaxation of the entire nervous system. During the Sirodhara, warm medicated herbal oil is pouring consistently in a uniform manner on the forehead of the client who is lying on his or her back. The Sirodhara is extremely favourable for clients who may have problems of migraine, headaches, insomnia, loss of memory, stress, etc.

There are Ayurvedic treatments also specially designed for healthy skin and hair. The motto of this age old science also says that healthy hair and skin reflect a healthy mind and body. Spice Village offers several massages and treatments for the enhancement of hair and skin. Kesaraksha is one of the most sought after Ayurvedic hair treatments. This is a special head massage with esteemed oils, application of herbal pastes on the hair and the scalp, smoking and shampooing of hair with fragrant herbs. Known to fight against premature graying of hair, hair loss and dandruff, this is a treatment that is completely worth the 60 minutes spent at the massage centre.

Plan yourself an Ayurveda break now! Click here to see a selection of Kerala Travel Centre’s Ayurveda resorts Visit or you may even call up one of our tour experts on Freephone 0808 178 9799 to plan your tour to Kerala.

Introducing the Eighth Bastion - Fort Cochin’s newest hotel!

Eighth Bastion - Kerala Travel Centre

Kerala Travel Centre is proud to introduce the Eighth Bastion - the CGH Earth group’s newest hotel in Fort Cochin.

Bearing trademark signatures of CGH Earth hospitality, the Eighth Bastion promises to offer clients a unique experience while staying in the heart of the cultural quarters of Cochin.

As with the other resorts in the group, there is a story behind this one too. Legend has it that there were seven bastions in Fort Cochin, built by the Portuguese and strengthened by the Dutch. The 8th Bastion is CGH’s endeavour to add to this 500 year old legacy.

Eighth Bastion

Built in a style that combines the contemporary with the Colonial, the Eighth Bastion is located not far from the many historical and cultural highlights of Cochin inlcuding the 15th century Chinese fishing nets. The decor is both colonial yet contemporary and the property offers 19 spacious rooms, some of which overlook the Arabian Sea. Click here to read more about the hotel.

To book the Eighth Bastion hotel or to plan a holiday to Kerala speak with one of Kerala Travel Centre’s experts on Freephone 0808 178 9799.

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READ: Chanel Resort 2013 King Karl’s seriously frivolous Versailles rhapsody

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Given those odds, it was a massive treat to board the plane in Washington and find a brand new cabin.Julia waves on her way out the door with baby Romy in tow.Vuitton, however, claims the handbag on the Tshirt is a copy of one of their handbags.The Great American language fresh accepts alternately comprised delineated because a fancy of the philologues cataloguing bear in mind, a shattered leftover from classconscious calling back from a clock once the belief from enormousness itself belonged unchallenged, or an evasive enchantress that has conduced many another novelist to bust up about the props of their have outsize ambitiousness.
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Before attending and dropping out of Parsons the New School of Design, he was educated in public and private schools in small suburban cities in the greater San Francisco Bay Area

But last Friday the opening of the world’s top Dior flagship store design and decoration will only cost 10 million.Well, it found me, actually.Siding comes from South America.Health insurance is affordable and you need to decide what you need, then check out the various offers that are available and pick one that meets your needs.
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Reports say the state is more than $4 billion behind in payments to vendors and others

The remainder of the the first half was tightly fought as both teams had several opportunities to score.Who else could they.

On the back of her red carpet hits, she has bagged high profile ad campaigns with Miu Miu and Bvlgari.

Ms Provan said she was surprised at the tame promotional ads being broadcast in the leadup to its premiere episode.Furthermore, they might assist you in bettering your selfworth and selfassurance in a pristine manner.People who work in Temple think of think of Ngan Wat to make the whole family come together.In contrast, policies that distribute grants to those most in need would increase enrollment because these lowincome students would not be are not to attend with this aid.

I would first look for date code NOT SERIAL NUMBER.
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In my opinion, the most important decision you may make is which sort of mortgage loan organization you will give your business toWe have lower test scores, the other countries, own the LEAST amount of global businesses, we are the least innovative.

Makerbot has its own digital design sharing website where people can source 3D designs for free.

Given the limited resources of raw materials and an increase in operational costs, the price of capsules in the domestic market is expected to increase by double digits in the latter half of this year, according to Jin Shaohua, an analyst from domestic brokerage Guolian Securities Co.The oil traders and investment bankers spoke with deep insight on the upheaval in Egypt and the effects of the Haitian turmoil on business.